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Q. How much does 2NDURO cost?

  • 2NDURO costs €60 per team of 2 (€30 per person). Each team must complete only 1 registration form. No entries from single persons will be accepted.

Q. Who is 2NDURO aimed at?

  • 2NDURO is aimed at riders with good skill and fitness levels. With a 22km loop including 700m of climbing, 700m of descending and four stages totaling over 7km of racing, this is not a race for beginners.

Q. How long will 2NDURO take my team mate and I?

  • Overall, the 2NDURO course should take riders with decent fitness levels between 3-4 hours. 2NDURO is a 22km loop taking in just over 700m of climbing and 700m of descending across four stages. In order to enjoy all this descending, you must ascend! As a result the transitions are long and it is worth noting that the start gate for Stage 1 is approximately 30 minutes from the Ballinaboola car park.

Q. What about registration on the day of the event?

  • Registration on 29th of March will open at 9:30am and close at 10:30am.
  • Stage 1 opens at 11am.
  • All timing chips must be handed in before 3pm.
  • As mentioned above, there is a 30 minute climb to the start gate of Stage 1, so we would recommend registering early and getting out on the bikes well before the registration window closes.

Q. How does timing work?

  • Each team will have one timing chip worn by one team member. Each team must start and finish together, whatever happens in between is up to you! There will be a start square marked out at the start line of each stage. Both team members must be in the start square before the timing chip can be tagged to start the stage. Failure to do so will result in DNF. At the end of each stage there will be another marked square. Again, both team members must be in the finish square before the timer can be tagged.
  • If one team member makes it to the finish square before the other rider, they must wait until the second team member is also in the finish square before tagging the timing chip. This will be enforced by stage coordinators at the stage finish square.

Q. Are there prizes for the event?

  • Yes. We are delighted to announce that The GAP will be supplying prizes for the fastest 3 teams in all 4 categories.

Q. Is there any safety guidance for the event (in addition to having basic safety equipment)?

  • Yes, you must carry a first aid kit and mobile phone at all times. There will be a check at registration to ensure riders comply.
  • If your teammate is injured on the stage, you are responsible for their welfare. Make sure they are stable and off the track. Contact the closest marshal or safety officer (+35386 735 4947) if you need help.
  • Marshals will be positioned at stage start, end and at key intersections on the stages.
  • There will be an ambulance and a mobile first aid responder available to support.

Q. Where to stay for 2NDURO?

Q. What categories are there?

  • There are 4 categories for 2NDURO – Men, Women, Mixed and Electric.

Q. What is the minimum age for 2NDURO?

  • The minimum age for 2NDURO is 14. Under 16 must ride with an adult (18+) at all times. All riders under the age of 18 MUST have a guardian consent form signed by both the competitor and the guardian. There is a link to the guardian consent form on the registration page.

Q. What about parking on the day?

There will be plenty of parking in the Ballinaboola car park on the day. We will have parking attendants assisting you park. Unless you want to add another hour of biking on to your day, please do not park at the Ballyhoura Trail Centre.

Q. What are the stages like?

  • The four stages have been especially designed for this event and are to Gravity Enduro / Grassroots Enduro level. They are technical in nature and will require an ability to ride natural trails. There is a good mixture of Coillte single track and natural trails. All features are rollable.
  • Keep an eye on our social media pages for videos and photos!

Q. Do you need a Cycling Ireland Licence to race 2NDURO?

  • A Cycling Ireland Licence is not needed to enter online. However, you will be asked to produce your Licence on the day of the event. If you do not have a Licence, a One Day Licence is available on the day of the event for a fee of €20 in cash per person.

Q. What is included in the entry fee?

  • One day of blind Enduro racing, 4 timed stages, snacks including fruit and water, and a great day out with your buddy!

Q. Is a full-face helmet needed to race?

  • Yes. A full face helmet will be required throughout the race. Failure to wear a full face helmet at all times will result in disqualification.

Q. Where is Ballinaboola?

  • Ballinaboola is located in the Ballyhoura mountain range in Co. Limerick, home to some of the finest trails around!
  • Click for Google Maps location